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Book Review:  Leanna Tankersley's Begin Again

Book Review: Leanna Tankersley's Begin Again

In mass on Good Friday, our priest spoke of new life springing from the blood and water that ran from Christ’s side, and that this is why even though there is death, we still can call it ‘Good Friday’.  New life.  I live in Michigan, and after a long winter, signs of spring are met with such joy.  I am so attentive to the small flashes of green, yellow and purple that appear in the still post winter drab landscape.  New life emerges.  New life, new beginnings.

In Leanna Tankersley’s newsest book, Begin Again:  The Brave Practice of Releasing Hurt and Receiving Rest, she introduces her readers to one of my favorite Spiritual Giants, Saint Benedict.  I have read Esther De Waal’s book, Seeking God:  The Way of St. Benedict, and loved it.  Saint Benedict , who was born in 480 in Nursia and is believed to have a twin sister, wrote ‘The Rule’.  Esther De Waal’s book makes this work applicable to our lives today.  I was struck by his themes of hospitality, balance, and prayer.  Leanna Tankersley took to heart his phrase, ‘Always we begin again.’  And so her newest book was born.  I devoured this book in a weekend, underlining as I read.  She carries a theme throughout the book about running up against a wall, that is actually a door-only we do not realize it, we do not see the opportunity.  Over and over again she paints a beautiful picture of a God who is never frustrated by this, who continues to hold us and love us, confident that eventually we will see the door and open it.  She quotes St. John of the Cross in saying, “What is Grace,”  I asked God.  And He said, “All that happens.”  She explains that this means all of the walls that we run up against in our daily life could be a door, a chance to begin again.  Whether at the end of a day when things don’t go our way, or a chaotic trip to the grocery store with three children-always we have the opportunity to begin again.  She encourages us to breathe and begin again. 

This beautiful book written by one of my favorite Christian authors is a must read.  Leanna Tankersley shares her journey and daily routines that allowed her to, “trade trying for trust, striving for surrender.”  It is a gift to the tired soul.  The soul who does not speak to herself with the same kindness she speaks to her best friend.  The one who deserves the grace of the opportunity to breathe and begin again, and again, and again.   

Begin Again is released in to the world on April 3, order your copy today!

(I received an advanced copy of this wonderful book as a part of the launch team, but all thoughts are my own!)