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Word Collector

Word Collector


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I adore words.  Each new year I pick one more.  Sometimes, I pick a fresh one in the summer-right around my birthday.  Often I have it etched in to silver, or once (almost two years ago to the day)-in to my arm, because I am a word wearer.  I like to see my words to remember them.

I devour books, soaking in the words as I go.  I mark up books with pens and post it notes.  You can tell how much I love a book based on how many little papers are sticking out the sides.  I am happy to recommend a book to you, but you likely will not want to borrow my copy.  

I am a listener, and a highly sensitive person.  That means that I pay close attention to word choice in a conversation and what meaning it brings.  It also means that after we speak, I carry your words with me in my heart.  

I am attentive to where important words-the ones I wear, or hear whispered softly in to the ear of my heart, appear throughout my day.  Were they sprinkled in a conversation or a paragraph or a song?  

I pick words like flowers and carry them with me, tucked safely in a tiny pocket of my soul.  

Today I will live like a mystic

Today I will live like a mystic

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